New Year’s Weaving Resolutions

Ready for a boundweave experiment

Several members of the Weavers Guild email list have contributed their weaving resolutions for 2010.  Mine are largely focused on the Scandinavian Weavers exhibit of boundweave in the Textile Center’s Community Gallery this summer.  I hope to coordinate the creation of a great handout for the exhibit that highlights the work of our members and is compelling and instructive for visitors.  I still have boundweave pieces to finish.  On the loom right now is a second single-krokbragd piece using heavy rya yarn.  Which will I like better – the first piece with a limited color palette, or the second one with many more colors?  Next, I’ll use the same sett to make boundweave rag rugs.  (Experiment:  If I use two strands of cotton seine twine, rather that three strands of linen at about 4.5 epi, will the inch-side cotton rags pack in well enough to cover the warp threads?)

2009 was a complete exhibit failure – I didn’t manage to get pieces finished and exhibited.  So this year, I will enter pieces in the Vesterheim exhibit, the State Fair, and have a piece ready for the Textile Center Member’s Show.  I will also have things for sale in the Fiber Fair!

Finally, I would like to prepare to teach a class in 2011.

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