Because I Won’t Get Around To Knitting Another Sweater….

In 2005 my Norwegian friend Annemor Sundbø taught a class in traditional Setesdal embroidery at Vesterheim.  She’s written several books, including one on traditional Norwegian sweaters from Setesdal.  Even though I had no intention of knitting another Norwegian sweater, I was interested in taking Annemor’s class.  Back when I attended Husflidsskole in Noway, I knitted a lice-patterned sweater  and embroidered the collar typical of Valdres, the region in which I lived.  One heavy Norwegian sweater is enough!

I looked forward to spending time with my friend, plus Annemor is a popular teacher and great lecturer.   Setesdal embroidery stitches are lovely and bright, and Annemor’s class included information about traditions and symbolism and history.  I diligently stitched the edge for a sweater placket, and then placed it in a drawer.  Recently, with a little time on my hands, I repurposed a nice black Italian wool turtleneck that my husband no longer wanted.  It was too big for me, but worked out nicely as the base for a lightweight jacket.  I used trim purchased in Norway for the edges.  Beside the sweater are some Sami shoes I purchased in a thrift store in Kristiansand while visiting Annemor.

A couple of days ago I learned of a new book, Scandinavian Folklore.  The brilliant photos in this book make my jacket look minimalist in comparison!

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