Tapestry Test

I don’t know why it’s been many years since I wove a tapestry, since I find the challenges and rewards so appealing.  I’ve had a warp on my Norwegian Hagen loom for years, and had an image in mind.  A few months ago I thought that if I put the loom up in the living room that would give me just the right incentive to get going.  My husband has asked a few times, in the gentlest of ways, about what exactly is going to be happening with the loom.  Recent surgery gave me the time to jump-start my tapestry intentions.  I pulled out a small copper loom, which I’d never used, and set up a warp to test a portion of a larger piece I had in mind.  In particular, would I be able to weave the face of my great-great-uncle?  Here’s a photo of the result.  I found my imperfections overwhelming!  The edges were gapping out and I felt clumsy and inept as I wove.  I kept thinking, “Thank god I didn’t start right in on a big piece.”   But despite all that, once I wove and ripped and wove, and finished and stretched and steamed, the little piece had a certain appeal.  And I enjoyed the process so much I’ve started small piece.

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