A Big Mess on the Little Tapestry

I had so much fun making a little tapestry that I decided to do another.  Besides, I realized how much technique I’d forgotten, and how much practice I need to become proficient.  When my edges were gapping out a bit on the first piece I did on the copper pipe loom, I came up with the brilliant idea of putting a little velcro on the top and bottom of the frame.  That would keep the threads nicely in line, I thought.  Bad idea!  Here’s a photo of the back of the piece.  The velcro is a magnet for every piece of yarn within the whole house, it seems.  Every time I return to the piece, I have to pull off all of my tiny skeins.  It’s very annoying. Live and learn.

This one is an image of my great-grandfather.  It will be done soon and the front side will be posted.