Tiny Family Tapestry #2

The learning curve to becoming a proficient tapestry weaver is long and steep.  Thankfully, also fun.  Here’s tiny family tapestry #2, my great-grandfather.  I don’t like to share photos of pieces without the final finishing steps, but I won’t have time to take care of them for a couple of weeks.  I look at it and shake my head, telling myself, “I’m such a bad tapestry weaver.”  Mistakes. Bad technique.  Yet somehow the result is pleasing.  I’m close to finishing tiny family tapestry #3, an image of my daughter Margaret a la Andy Warhol.  Margaret commented, “Are you doing an Andy Warhol because you know I don’t like him?”  But I won’t finish that soon either, for a great reason.  I will be in ICELAND and NORWAY on the 2011 Vesterheim Textile Study Tour!