Mink Whale Kabobs in Iceland

Mary Skoy discovered a great Rekyavik hole-in-the-wall fish restaurant online, Saegreifin Sea Baron,  reputed to have the best lobster soup in the world.  When she asked the guide about it on a city tour, he said skeptically that many people from Rekjavik went there, but it was very informal, as if suggesting it might not be fancy enough for Americans.  We headed to the harbor to check it out.  There were a variety of kabobs in a refrigerator case; you chose your fish and it was grilled and brought to you.  There were about six types of fish, plus mink whale.  Mink whale?!  Mary bought a kebab for the table to share, and it was delicious.  It was almost like beef, which made sense, her husband Glenn said.  It’s a warm-blooded animal.  Note:  All those little bottles of wine on the table in the photo were not for me alone!

Afterwards I noticed that amazing Icelandic singing was streaming out of the door to the goldsmith gallery next door, Dyrfinna Torfidottir.  We stepped into a party, many women drinking and laughing and singing. They handed us glasses of white wine.  The gallery owner’s sister from Australia was visiting, and another Icelander living in Florida.  We laughed and chatted and celebrated our great luck in finding sunny weather, fascinating history, and friendly people during our short stay in Iceland.

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