At Least Yarn Squishes Down in a Suitcase

I had no plans to buy yarn in Iceland, but…. We visited the Icelandic Handcrafts Association, ostensibly to see an embroidery demonstration from someone who is involved in sewing Icelandic national costumes. I’m familiar with costumes from many regions of Norway, and even embroidered and tailored one for my mother, so that sounded like a pleasing morning. It was sort of like expecting to see a baseball game of middling interest and then seeing a nail-biting no-hitter! Two women dressed in Icelandic national costumes waited outside the shop. What captivating craziness! Where did they come up with that dunce-cap look? The tailoring was complex, and the detailing was intricate. One woman showed the hidden pocket/pouch worn under the dress. They seemed happy with the obvious appreciation of all of the American weavers, who took dozens of photos. I’ll bet the people in the shop didn’t expect the number of sales. The line at the counter snaked long with people holding arms-full of yarn skeins. I found thin single-strand Icelandic wool in highly saturated tones. I expected it to be incredibly expensive. $27? No, someone corrected me, that’s $2.75. So much for the “no yarn in Iceland” pledge.