Technical Difficulties and Milk

Posting using the Ipad and the mysterious wifi connections at the Norwegian hotel has been very frustrating.  (Like, why does my email appear on the lobby wifi and not with the room wifi?  Why do all my photos from yesterday stream to my phone and only the photos up until lunchtime on my Ipad?  Why won’t wordpress let me edit words and why does the cursor jump to random places in the post when I try to add a link?)

Until all my photos show up for yesterday, I’ll wait to post the text.  In the meantime, here’s a food photo.  At lunch yesterday I chose apple soda; my neighbor at the table chose milk.  “Does it taste like raspberry?” I asked her.  She hadn’t noticed that the bottle indicated it has a taste of raspberry.  On the bottom it says it only has the sugar found naturally in milk.  She said that once she knew, she could barely notice the fruit taste.


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