Love and Kisses, Congratulations, and a Rug

Helen Elise Davenport Simrill and Kristian Marshall Melom are getting married on August 17.  Congratulations!  My husband Mike and I wish we could be in Atlanta for the wedding, but unfortunately we will only be in Atlanta in spirit that weekend.


Helen’s mother Stuart is a kindred weaving spirit, so of course this occasion called for a piece from my loom.  I considered a rag rug, finished as a hanging, woven in the colors dearest to me – reds and yellows and oranges.  But what if those were colors that didn’t suit Helen as well?  I asked Stuart, who sent me this response.

I asked Helen how she felt about red and yellow and she said “You know I am a person who tends towards passion. purple and red are my favorite colors. Haven’t you noticed that all my kitchens end up red, my old dishes and napkins and all those ancient pots and pans. To tell you the truth I hadn’t noticed until she mentioned it.”

This is the rug I will send to Helen and Kristian, photographed on our deck on a glorious sunny Minnesota morning.  But before it is posted in the mail to their home in San Francisco, it will make a short trip to the Minnesota State Fair.  It would be even better if it was a ribbon-winning gift!  Even without a ribbon, it will be filled with wishes from Mike and me for a wonderful marriage and loving home.




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