Summer = Minnesota State Fair

This weekend I am preparing some weavings to enter in the Minnesota State Fair.  It’s just around the corner!

The Weavers Guild of Minnesota has a booth and guild members fill slots during all ten days of the Fair, demonstrating weaving, spinning, and off-loom textile techniques.  It’s very popular, both with weavers and the fair-goers.  I think the most interested visitors are men (how does that piece of equipment work, they wonder as they peer at the loom from the side and underneath), and children (again – how does that cool-looking contraption work?)  At the booth, each weaver brings yarn for weft to weave on the enormously long warp on the loom.  Part of the fun is seeing the diverse lengths of fabric that result.  Last year I made a table runner with fabric weft on the twill set-up on the loom.  I just hemmed the fun experiment this summer, and brought it to my cousin Gretchen, whose beautiful lake cabin includes many items in shades of blue and green.  See?  I knew it would suit her house.



I look forward to weaving at the Fair again this year.  If you are there on August 26 in the morning, stop by the Creative Activities building!