Tiny Tapestry Test

I mentioned in a previous post that I planned to weave a wheat field landscape in Helena Hernmarck’s signature tapestry technique.  Then I decided I liked the back of a red truck in another wheat field photo, and began to work with that image. But would I like the composition?  I took out a small tapestry frame made of copper pipe and wove a sample, only 6.5 inches wide.  (The larger piece will be 37″ wide.)  I was inspired to do that after a visit to a wonderful tapestry exhibit in Montreal, “The New Art of the Loom,” at the Musee des Maitres de Artisans du Quebec.  There were 24 large tapestries from 14 countries. The two hours I was able to spend with the tapestries was worth braving the hellish Montreal traffic and road construction – thanks, Mike!

The U.S. contingent included Susan Martin Maffei, an artist who has an amazing ability to distill cities and people to perfect geometric forms. Check out her putting green tapestry on this page. She uses color and yarn qualities to perfection.  So in homage to Susan Martin Maffei, here’s my attempt to distill a truck and harvester to simple geometric shapes.



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