A Monksbelt Runner for Charlotte’s Mom

While Mike and I visited on the weekend that Charlotte was supposed to be born (see previous post), we relaxed and read.  As I picked up a magazine from the antique trunk that parentsMaggie and Matt use as a coffee table, I noticed that surface was protected by a piece of  unhemmed, tan burlap.  My thought was that no family member of mine should lack nice table runners!  So before we came back the next weekend, when Charlotte made her entrance to the world on her chosen schedule, I went through my stash.  I found a modest piece that I made in Norway during the Vesterheim Textile Tour in 2011, the end of one of the warps we used during a class on “brand,” or overshot weaves.  I hemmed it in the car on the way down to Rochester.


The short monksbelt piece is nice, but on the scale of bright and appealing, is nothing like the star of the day, Charlotte Moore Nolan. 



Welcome, Charlotte!  Only a few more years and you’ll be weaving with Grandma Robbie.


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