An Experiment with Looped Weft

I recently took a workshop with Anita Mayer at the Weavers Guild.  On a narrow warp we experimented with experimented with free-form tapestry,  with creating subtle color gradations, with creating loops on the surface by wrapping weft over knitting needles, and rya. Here’s a small section of the sampler with loops.  I like the drapey, tactile feeling of rya pile, but I also like the stand-at-attention crispness of yarn loops, too.


After the class I returned to weave some more – it’s sad to let warp go to waste, isn’t it?  I played with the looped surface using some of this soft knit weft I purchased in Finland last year.

IMG_4951I thought I would see if the looped technique would work well for a larger rug using the knit.  And to be practical, the samples could make nice hot-pad holders.  On the first test I put too few shots in between the rows of loops.  As a result, the surface was needlessly dense.


IMG_6946Then I tried putting more rows of plain weave between rows of loops, and added stripes of dark plain weave, too. I liked it better.  Later this summer you may see rugs developed on this theme.