Scream Printing Underway

My house became a Scream printing factory today, as I added images to 15 t-shirts, one sweater, 13 baby onesies, 3 wool scarves, 4 pillow-tops, 8 napkins, 4 hot pad holders, 3 baby bibs, one tablecloth, and one Ikea polar fleece throw.  My bed became covered as I experimented with colors.


mistakesBecause each piece is a hand-printed one-off, I was happy that only four of these items will be relegated to dusting rags.

The items will be for sale at the upcoming “First Thursday” open house on at my studio in the Casket Arts Building on November 5, 5-9 pm, #316.  In honor of the Edvard Munch Norwegian theme, I will serve lefse that night. (Errata:  No time for lefse making!  Have a glass of wine.)




There will be also be Scream items for sale at the Weavers Guild of Minnesota Fiber Fair on Friday-Sunday, November 13-15, and again at the Casket Arts Building Holiday Marketplace on December 12.

This bib is going to California.


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  1. Ms. LaFleur: I saw some of your printed scarves during Art-A-Whirl last month…..but the elevator broke just about the time I was on the first floor of the Casket Arts Building thinking I should go and buy one of the winter scarves. (My knee was bad, so going up three flights of stairs didn’t appeal). Yesterday (June 7), I stopped by for “First Thursday,” but hardly anyone studios were open. If you can let me know the next time you’ll be open to the public–I’ll come and purchase that scarf! (And even though my surname is Swedish, I am half Norwegian.)

    Thanks! Galynn Nordstrom

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