Charlotte and the Tree

“Charlotte, would you sit by the tree on the new Christmas tree skirt?”  She obliged!  My one Christmas project this year was for my daughter-in-law Maggie and her husband Matt and baby Charlotte; they moved into a house in Rochester, Minnesota, this year.


The skirt is a crazy-quilt patchwork of newer and older scraps, including sections of a vintage holiday apron and pieces of a crazy quilt made of men’s suiting fabric from a few generations back in my family.


This is baby Charlotte’s great-great-grandmother Edith.


My husband Mike is Pop; this is a piece of a worn-out work shirt.


There’s fabric from a tie from Charotte’s great-grandfather Condict.


I had some toile and I once thought it would be amusing to embroider a hoodie onto one of the overly precious character; another boy got an embroidered hockey jersey.


It was a fun project and of course I could have taken weeks longer to add much more embroidery and embellishment.  But Christmas is coming and their tree was up.  Merry Christmas!


  1. I love seeing the details–and the hoodie on the toile boy made me laugh! BTW another way to print on fabric is to simply iron fabric onto the shiny side of freezer paper and then run it through the printer.