The Tapestries of Lila Nelson: Poetry, Myth, and Protest

If Lila Nelson was here during these dark days of assault weapons in Paris, tragic gun death by police in Minneapolis, and the armed couple in California, the horrific events would translate into tapestry; I just know it.  Some of her protest pieces are included in the exhibit of her tapestries currently at the Textile Center of Minneapolis, up through December 26. A newly completed document lists all of the tapestries in the current exhibition at the Textile Center, along with some commentary. (Apologies! It has many images, and takes a long time to load.)

Lila said that when she wove the tapestry below (which I own, and is in the exhibit), she wanted to depict an Uzi, but she had never seen one. It’s so sad that we are forced to think about assault weapons nearly every day.



But Lila would also insist, just by virtue of her engaged, inquisitive, and positive personality, that we “Take no Thought for the Morrow,” and love our friends, family and the joy of each day.


We’re having our annual holiday gathering of our Scandinavian Weavers group next Sunday.  For many years, it was always at Lila’s house (and in the later years, at Lyngblomsten Care Center).  We will definitely be toasting Lila!