Robbie LaFleur

Happy New Years

IMG_3597.JPGIn our house the decorations are almost all down and my daughter’s dollhouse is stored away for the year, leaving a temporary perch for the cat.

I wish you all great success in your creative endeavors in the new year!  I have many plans, including work on this website and other social media platforms.  I have a series of hangings planned.  And I have ambition to finish up old projects. Moving my loom and materials to the new studio unearthed a few half-finished items.


Here’s one I finished in December, a nice mixed-yarn scarf I began quite some time ago, using directions from Annemor Sundbo’s book, Invisible Threads in Knitting. It is knitted with odds and ends, lengthwise on circular needles. It was a fun and easy project and became a repository of memories from trips.  I bought some yarn on a trip to Norway a few years ago, and a small skein of handspun on a trip to Vermont this summer.  Annemor told me that it works well to include yarns of various materials — like cotton, synthetics, and wool — and the differential shrinkage after washing will make a cool ruffled appearance.  I thought I was doing that, but it ended up being mostly wool, so I don’t plan to try washing it, other than gently.


It looks beautiful on Margaret


One comment on “Happy New Years

  1. Laura
    January 4, 2016

    Hope you enjoy many creative days in 2016.

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