A Common Thread 2016 – My Piece

Common-Thread-2016_web-470x260This is the final week of  “A Common Thread 2016,” the Textile Center of Minnesota’s annual member show.  What a great organization.  What a amazing amount of fabulous textiles in one spot; too many, really, to appreciate at one time.  My rug/hanging made with Finnish knit fabric weft is in the show.  (More on that piece here.) I hadn’t mentioned it to friends because it has such poor placement, in the back hall, across from the coat hooks, the last possible spot.  I can’t complain about this at all; often my pieces have been displayed to great advantage, and this year there were more participants than ever before.


However I ran into a friend yesterday who excitedly flashed an Iphone photo at me.  “Look!  I came in the back door of the Textile Center, and it was the first thing I saw.”  Everything is a matter of perspective!

The Textile Center posted “interviews” of the artists on their Facebook page.  Here’s mine.