Happy (Scream) Easter

Traditional Easter: Bunny cakes and Peeps (and The Scream?).  Here is my daughter Margaret with her umpteenth bunny cake in life, along with granddaughter Charlotte’s first bunny cake (not Margaret’s child; we still have to wait for that).  Margaret’s winking bunny is emoticon-modern. Charlotte remained unclear about the concept that the “grass” goes outside the bunny, not on top.


Here is Margaret (and Joe!), early on in the tradition.

bunny87 (1)

And Peeps; I love Peeps, and the creativity of the annual Peeps contest.  Long-time readers may know of my ongoing work with Munch’s Scream image.  I appreciate my friends who notify me of the latest Scream cartoons and other Munch sightings.  Two friends (thanks, Jan Mostrom and Mary Skoy) sent me the Seattle Times article with an award-winning Peeps image based on The Scream.  Nice use of color; I like the squished-looking Peeps that make up the bridge.

FIRST PRIZE WINNER “The Scream” by Peepward Munch (aka entrant Lisa Johnson)

Margaret and I entered the St. Paul Pioneer Press contest once (but didn’t win).  I’ll bet you can guess which election year that was!


Happy Easter!