Channeling Color

This afternoon I was editing the upcoming American Tapestry Alliance newsletter, barely squeezing the laptop onto a desk of Swedish yarn. I’m completing a test piece in anticipation of a larger piece, and choosing colors for both. This is a big stash of yarn I bought at the Weavers Guild of Minnesota, and I am determined to weave up something great.


Every once in a while I would turn and compare some colors, and after a while came up with a few I might try. The first run-through of the newsletter was done, and a few skeins were assembled in the corner.


I thought it was an interesting and personal start to a color scheme.  Then I remembered a rosepath pattern I bought in Setesdal several years ago, one I had looked at lately.  I pulled it out. Huh.  Obviously, I had been channeling the color choices of a weaver in Norway in 1930.  We both like bright colors.



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