No Protection

A new weaving.  Guns, targets, and Xs I wish could symbolize a decrease in guns available, a decrease in the gun culture.  The world feels more precarious now, with an election result that seems to ratify those who are angry and scared.


So much work lies ahead to create a world where guns are not seen as an answer. My mother’s boyfriend asks (in his sincere but angry way), “Well, if someone is going to shoot your mother, should I shoot them, or just let them  shoot your mother?!”  I would prefer that he not pack when he accompanies my mother to Walmart or the grocery store.  Because if everyone has a gun, then the people you encounter in your life, however fleetingly, look like targets.

Clearly, we face an administration that will won’t fight for a reduction in guns, or sensible regulation of those in existence.

I finished weaving this a while back, and completed the off-loom finishing today.  It is woven in danskbrogd, a traditional Norwegian weaving technique.  In exploring traditional folk art weaving techniques, I always feel the need to change up the images, colors, scale, or materials.


The technique creates long floats on the back.  I know weavers like to see the back sides, too.  Here is a detail; the lower part is where the guns are.



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