Get Plastic Out of the Ocean


My friend Annemor sent a link to a newscast about a funny and creative woman in Kristiansand in southern Norway, an environmental activist with heart. On Syttende Mai (Norwegian Independence Day), Aase Helene Fide Ødegaard brought together a group of friends and dressed them in traditional Norwegian costumes from East-Agder and West-Agder with a twist–they were made of cast-off plastic. And ‘twist’ is a play on words, too; even the wrappers from famous Norwegian Twist chocolates were sewn in.  She states that she did this merely for fun, for her interest in recycling.  But then she becomes serious as she points out that all this fun has a serious purpose– to point out the increasing problems with plastic waste in the ocean.

Everyone should watch this video!  It doesn’t matter a bit if you don’t understand Norwegian; you’ll understand the joy of friendship and be amazed at Aase’s creativity.

She took two years to make 25 costumes. On one costume she points out the extra-fine lace edging snipped from plastic. On another, the front of the costume is embellished with contact lens holders, pop-tops from cans, and Christmas string. You’ll spot coffee pods on another (and those are an abomination of waste, aren’t they?).

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