The Most Charming Weaving Instructions Ever

The new issue of the Norwegian Textile Letter is up! It includes two tapestry articles: a history of Norwegian tapestry by Unn Sønju, and an article by Unn about her influences (along with many images of her amazing work).

Guantanamo-2009-73x104cm copy
Guantanamo (2009)

I particularly love the boundary-breaking formats of her tapestries, as well as the content of her images.

The article by Hildur Hildur Hakonardottir on Icelandic Glit weaving includes the most charming weaving instructions I HAVE EVER READ. For example, “What is more, when you lay in the pattern threads from left to right, the way you write, you go forth proud like you are going out dancing in your best dress and you pass over both the outside laying guiding threads from the back – but then something happens and you discover a spot on your dress and you turn around and sneak back home to change.”


I’m so glad I already have my copy of The Warp-Weighted Loom, a beautiful new book reviewed in this issue. I took this photo of the book to show the unique spine, as described in the review.  It is sitting on my warp-weighted loom.  Doesn’t it look like the weights on the cover of the book are tied to the threads on my real loom above?


See all the articles here.

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