Dora Jung Pop-Up Exhibit — Attempt #2

(Forgive my first, incomplete, now-deleted post; some formatting issues are mystifying today.)

If you are in Minneapolis, this weekend there is a terrific opportunity to see the work of a famous Finnish artist and weaver who certainly wove with linen, Dora Jung. Some of you may remember that Anita Jain, a local textile artist, was responsible for getting the ryijy collection of Dr. Thomas Soppanen to the Swedish Institute.  Besides his voluminous collection of ryijys, he also collects the work of Dora Jung.


I LOVE this mid-century modern style. 
Note that there is an opportunity to hear Dr. Soppanen talk on Thursday night at 7 pm.  However, Anita asked if I would like to bring a group of weaver friends at a different time.  We could hear Dr. Soppanen’s whole powerpoint talk on her work and have a discussion with him.  What a fun opportunity!  It’s my birthday on Saturday, so I thought it sounded like a great thing to do.
So if you like, please join me on Saturday at noon, September 23, at Studio 364 in the Northrup King Building to be inspired by beautiful Finnish textiles and learn about this important mid-century artist.
If you could come, let me know so that Anita would have an approximate count for the special tour.  If you can’t come then, I hope you get another chance on Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday.


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