Tapestries are up at the Weavers Guild

I will post more about the Swedish and Norwegian tapestries up at the Weavers Guild of Minnesota.  But for now, “Tapestry Treasures from the Collection of Carol Johnson” is up–without signage for a while. I hope that many people will get to see the display.  But remember–call the Weavers Guild (612-436-0463) before planning a visit, because there may be a class underway in the room, making it unavailable to the public for viewing.

Here’s a peek at the walls.  First, landscapes and buildings.

People, part one:

People, part two.  Susan Larson-Fleming and I put up the show.  She is so efficient and has such a great eye.  I liked Susan’s arrangement of mostly religious-themed tapestries.  That’s not Jesus on the top; it’s a detail from the Norwegian Baldisholteppet!


A few more floral, moving into abstract:

Animals and birds (it’s hard to get a good shot of this wall):

Thank you to Carol Johnson for sharing her collection with us!


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