Blank Loom–One of Three

I have three projects planned, and only one of three looms warped. The first is on my Hagen tapestry loom, finally warped for a long-planned updated medieval design, based on symbols and images in a few historical Norwegian billedvev pieces.

empty loom

The blue horse and rider in this piece, dating somewhere from 1600-1750, from the collection of the Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum, were my jumping-off point.

Inscription: The Great Holy Three Kings Coming from Saba. 1600-1750. Tapestry owned by the Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum.

The figure on my horse will be my daughter. Riders of medieval horses in the old tapestries often had an upturned arm; Margaret’s will hold a cell phone. I did a bit of sampling a while back, and it’s a good thing–while I liked the scarf around her neck, my first attempt at medieval-style curly hair turned out more like horns.

It will be quite a while before you see my modern medieval piece complete…

One comment

  1. I am anxiously awaiting finished piece! I used similar horses in my embroidery
    Norsk Fairytale a few years ago. I LOVE these horses

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