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Stroll Through Kristiansand Museum with Me

Our Textile Tour group visited the Kristiansand Museum and enjoyed a wonderful presentation and tour of old buildings with Tonje Tjøtte. She apologized immediately for her bunad (folk costume). “Today I … Continue reading

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A Spelsau Sheep Day: Photo Essay

On a beautiful Sunday morning in Kristiansand, our Textile Tour group took the ferry to Bragdøy, a five-minute ride away.  This trip was the polar opposite of our ferry ride … Continue reading

June 18, 2017 · 1 Comment

Hørvævmuseet, for Linen Lovers

I wish that so many of my linen-loving weaving friends could have been with me at Hørvævmuseet, a linen weaving museum in the heart of Denmark.  The museum is staffed by … Continue reading

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Tapestry Food Quiz

A few weeks ago I spent a magical day looking at many tapestries from the storeroom of the Vesterheim Norwegian American Museum. I’m planning which ones I will use in … Continue reading

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Billedvev Class Prep

I am teaching a three-day workshop on Norwegian billedvev (tapestry, or literally, “picture weaving”) at the Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum on September 14-17. Details here. One piece of my year-long preparation … Continue reading

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Danskbrogd Instruction

A weaving friend, responding to a Facebook photo of my current piece on the loom, asked where she could learn how to weave danskbrogd.  Happily, there are resources in two … Continue reading

January 29, 2017 · 2 Comments

The Fondest of Farewells – Thank You, Lila!

A celebration of Lila’s life was held at the Textile Center auditorium on June 25, 2015, a wonderful and warm event made possible by MANY of her friends pitching in.  … Continue reading

June 26, 2015 · 1 Comment

Water and Sky Study with Boats

Our Scandinavian Weavers Study Group theme for the year is “inspiration.”  Many of us are weaving a new pieces based on some aspect of an older Scandinavian piece – like … Continue reading

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Marta and the Potato Analogy

As a weaving instructor, Marta Kløve Juuhl is energetic and supportive and creative.  She taught two classes at Vesterheim this summer and she created a class climate that was conducive … Continue reading

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Few Ryas in Finland; I Found Them in Budapest

During the Vesterheim Textile Tour to Norway and Finland in June, I was disappointed by the few ryas I saw in Finland.  Even though this tour was not focused on … Continue reading

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