Now All we need is a baby

The last piece I wove on my Toika, before selling it in advance of moving my studio home, was a rag rug in pretty colors for my upcoming granddaughter’s room.

Step one was to dump out the giant bin of balls of rags and choose a nice assortment.

I wove in bands, choosing from the mess on the floor by the loom.

I finished up and two days later–loom, and then no loom.

I photographed the finished rug, and as usual, all my weaving looks great on my neighbor Roger’s red porch.

This weekend, Margaret marks every twinge with the feeling, “Is it now?” When new baby granddaughter comes, these things will be waiting: the rug, a cradle my mother painted when my son Joe was a baby, a sweater knit by my friend Inger and sent from Norway when Joe was a baby, and Little Feminist books (thanks Mary Skoy!). Margaret was a 2 pound premie born on October 1, and her childhood doll is wearing the Halloween costume I sewed after she was born. The toys were in and by her bassinet during her weeks in the hospital. I knitted her caps. Welcome, new baby girl: let’s get this show on the road.


  1. Robbie, so fun that the end of your Toika floor loom Weaving is for a new beginning of a granddaughter.

    I so enjoy seeing your weavings.


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  2. Robbie,
    How beautiful your new rug is! Loving the colors almost as much as your design. I’d love to make this one did you do it by your own pattern plan? Also, I am moved by your getting rid of your loom which looks similar to my Harrison. My loom is my first and only and I am wondering how difficult it is to let go of? I feel bonded to my loom though I really haven’t been using it much. It may sound strange but the thought of letting it go is an insight I’d like to hear about.

    Thinking of you and your new precious baby 🍼 and the joy that she will be. My prayers to your family that all goes beautifully as she will arrive as very tiny one. Enjoy every moment.

    I don’t think I have ever commented on your post but I have enjoyed watching your projects, travels and accomplishments. Your work has evolved and I have benefitted from watching by way of seeing new things and the inspiration that comes with it. Thank you!


  3. It is a lovely rug! I love the cradle and your items that are all set to go. Hope the baby comes soon and everyone is healthy!

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