Pieces from the Past

I wove a piece in Vestfold, a Norwegian coverlet technique, in 2000. It was displayed at the Annual Exhibition of Weaving in the Norwegian Tradition at Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum the following summer, and was sold. A few months later, Curator Laurann Gilbertson told me that the new owners loved it. They had it framed under glass and it enjoyed a prominent place in their front hall. Under glass? That seemed so weird; you would not see similar weavings under glass in a Norwegian home or hytte. Just this week I learned the Vestfold weaving has a new home, and has come out from under glass. (Phew!)

The new owner lives in the Twin Cities and she wrote such a nice note.

We recently acquired a Norwegian weaving a few weeks ago with RL 2000 on the back and I believe it’s one of yours! It was mounted in an awfully heavy glass frame so I took it out and it’s now hanging in our dining room. We love the piece and are so thrilled to have found out who made it!

It fits beautifully in their dining room.

I have my weavings photographed by a super photographer, Peter Lee. I recently brought him a couple of older pieces because I needed professional shots for a fun reason (to be revealed sometime in the future). I’m sure everyone would love a pandemic reminder. Here’s a krokbragd piece I wove with all sorts of leftover ulspiss yarn colors. At the time I wove it, I was not happy with the result, but it has become a favorite rug in my studio area.

The moose weaving lives at my daughter Margaret’s house. When I took it to have the photo taken, her two-year-old daughter Eleanor definitely noticed that it was no longer on the hall wall outside her room. “Where’s the moose?” she asked. It will be back soon.

We’ve had snow on and off for days, and it’s created a winter wonderland here in Minnesota. We are expecting a Christmas blizzard tomorrow. Stay warm, enjoy the holiday!

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