A Week at Sätergläntan is Almost Finished

I had a few reasons for taking this weaving course at Sätergläntan. I’ve heard about the school for years, and thought it might be fun to break out of my Norway-centric visiting and research and try a Swedish experience. I was especially interested in taking Monica Hallen’s class, Trasväv eller Trasmatta 2023, because I love weaving rag rugs and especially enjoy her aesthetic.

Today was the last weaving day of our week-long course. It’s been a wonderful experience; beautiful weather, the prettiest week of the year, a great instructor, and five other collegial students – four Swedish, and one Danish. The all-Swedish, all day long aspect has been so instructional for me – and exhausting. Tomorrow will be the fun day, the clipping off and reveal of the various projects. My rug will come off the loom in the morning. It might be an interesting one, or it might be a completely stupid one. It was an on-the-fly idea, and all I’ve been doing today is thinking about how it could have been better – better material choices, color, design — you know, everything. That’s always the way it is before a warp is cut down.

I wanted to try the “träsrose” technique. I made the fabric “roses” to emulate the colors of the many flowers in bloom just outside the building — a Sätergläntan summer reminder. Two people commented that they look like water lilies. One person asked if it was a rug or a wall hanging. It would have to be for fine gjester [fine guests], they commented. I have no idea; I’m just weaving. I also wanted to play with bands of rosepath, and in particular, make the hems in rosepath, as in this rug by Monica.

Sätergläntan is in a rural part of Dalarna province, and the landscape looks like northern Minnesota, like Bemidji with a few more wildflower varieties. I’ve seen many horses on my evening walks to the small town of Insjön. Today I walked to Insjöns Väveri, a linen weaving mill with a lovely shop. I followed the Google Maps walking suggestions, which directed me on paths as tiny as this one.

Maybe I needed to see more horses.

One had lime green hooves…

This morning I was weaving, with the usual in-process mess around me, when I noticed a lovely breeze coming through the window nearby. I realized I was in the moment, and it was a great privilege to have these days of good company and inspiration. My quibbles about the experience are minor; I should have brought wine, and I wish everyone just spoke Norwegian.

I’ve posted more photos and small stories on Instagram this week, including a couple of the photos in this gallery below.

Many people mentioned this sign on the road leading away from Sätergläntan — reality or the real world, 3 kilometers away.

I’m not sad to leave. I look forward to a couple more visits with friends and more fun before heading home to Minnesota on Monday. Plus, my friend Annelie said there are fewer mosquitos in Stockholm. Several social media friends commented on all the mosquitos, but other than the three bites on my neck I can’t stop scratching, it hasn’t been so bad. One thing that is so different in Scandinavia from the U.S. is the lack of screens on the windows. They just don’t seem to be as concerned. And check out this door leading from the Sätergläntan dining room; it’s always like this.

Nice spot to dine, right? The food was great.

If this was Minnesota, someone would be scolding, “Shut the door! The bugs will get in!”

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