Felted Laptop Cover

Several years ago I took a wonderful class on felting from Chung-hie Lee at the Textile Center of Minnesota.  I made a large piece of fabric from many layers of fleece, sewn together between two layers of fabric, and felted in the washing machine.  It had holes in it and areas of bright purple and turquoise.  It was lovely, but not quite worth displaying as a wall piece.  Tucked in a box, it lingered under a bed until I recently bought a new thin and beautiful Apple Air laptop, which needed a protective sleeve.   A weekend trip was a good sewing opportunity.  I grabbed the felt piece and a gray wool lining piece, a needle and black thread, and headed for the airport.  My task was to make the felt into a laptop cover before reaching Montreal.  It still needed some finishing work the next day, and I didn’t have anything for a closure, but I’m happy to have the soft protective case completed.  I discovered that it makes a nice lap covering on which to place the laptop, too; soft and weightless.