Monksbelt With Fabric Strips

I mentioned at our Scandinavian Weavers meeting that my loom now has a warp of seine twine in a rich brown color, warped to weave a variation of monksbelt with fabric strips.  I made a wall piece many years ago with wide wool strips.  The result was bold and graphic, and it has been in my office at work ever since.  “Could you post a picture?” a friend asked.  Here it is, though it is not a great quality photo.  That one was set at 6 epi, and the resulting piece was too loose to be used as a rug.  This time I warped the loom at 8 epi, to see if the pieces could be either for the wall or the floor.  My aim with the new warp is to weave again with dark, saturated, and bright colors.