Prizes are Nice (State Fair 2015)

The two pieces I entered in the Minnesota State Fair Creative Activities competition did well.  A rag rug in blues and yellows was awarded a blue ribbon plus the Weavers Guild Award for the most Creative Use of Color.  I’m happy about the color award because the rug was truly an experiment in how I could use colors I had in hand in a harmonious and interesting composition.  If anyone looks for the piece at the Fair, it is near the center of the Creative Activities Building, on the first and most visible of many swinging, hanging display cabinets.

IMG_2215Here’s a better photo of the piece. blue-rug-1The wool rug in pinks and oranges placed only third in a wall hanging category, but was given the Doris Tufte Award for Weaving in the Scandinavian tradition.  It is displayed in a crowded cabinet, but one that bears close examination because there are many beautiful woven items in it.

IMG_2216There’s a better photo of that piece.

FullSizeRenderYesterday was a hot and sticky day at the Fair. I demonstrated weaving from 5-9, four sweaty hours.  Still, it’s always fun to talk with people.  The question I received more that any others this year was, “Do you have one of those?” – meaning the loom on which I was weaving.  Yes, an even bigger one.  The Guild demonstration loom is a serviceable four-harness jack loom.  One person looked at it and said, “What would that cost? Ten thousand dollars?”  I don’t think so!  Another time a young girl looked at all of the sample weavings on the counter and said to me, “You sure have made a lot of nice things, ma’am.”  Of course I had to tell her the truth!

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