Margaret’s First Weaving

Given all the years that my daughter Margaret has been in proximity to looms and a weaver, it’s remarkable that last Saturday marked her first weaving adventure.  We took a class, “Weave a Warp-Stenciled Scarf on a SAORI Loom,” from Chiaki O’Brien. The SAORI weaving philosophy and loom are perfect for a new weaver. Chiaki warps the looms ahead of time with a mixed thread warp.  Because the SAORI philosophy is all about weaving in the moment, there are no accidents or mistakes.  Even in warping, Chiaki skips occasional dents because it shouldn’t be too even or perfect.



Chiaki brings a myriad of weft yarns from which to choose, not to mention her encouragement and enthusiasm.


Margaret’s design included stenciled moons and stars, and developed into a beautiful Van Gogh-like textile.  Bits of fluffy yellow roving added to the night sky.



When we came home to our house, Margaret received immediate cat approval.


It seemed like a perfect runner, so I hemmed the edges while Margaret, Jeff, and I enjoyed a glass of wine.  Mike made yakisoba for our supper (Japanese – it seemed appropriate!).  We continued with the wine, broke out the favorite Christmas CD, and talked for hours. There are some days in life which are charmed from beginning to end.


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