Happy Mothers Day to my Textile (and Life) Role Model

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I like this photo, a lonely beach portrait, probably taken before any of her four children were born.

Eileen Yvonne Hoye Wurden

My mother was not a weaver, but she instilled in me all the skills I needed for my adventures at the loom.  From my earliest memories, she was sewing–beautifully.  She made tailored garments with bound buttonholes and perfectly matching plaids. Nothing seemed too difficult, and I was always sure that my mom could manage whatever she chose to do. She could sew, can pickles, raise a garden, go to graduate school, manage a job and four children, start a consulting business, and become a fabulous rosemaler.

She was (and is) always dressed in matching, attractive clothing — down to well-chosen belts and jewelry.  In this photo where she is putting me and my sister Terry to bed (Terry is the one with the cute curly hair; I always had stick-straight bangs and braids), note the matching necklace and earrings.  I think this shot was taken at Christmas, so Mom might have been more dressed up than usual, but not by much. To me, this attention to clothing detail doesn’t represent vanity, but rather a seriousness about showing up for life each day, for presenting herself well and respecting the people she meets and activities she undertakes.

A childhood, tactile memory — I can still feel the nubs of the chenille bedspreads

In this perfect mid-century modern tableau, Mom wears an ensemble that looks made to match, with a pencil skirt that suited her slim hips so well.


My sister Barbara scoffed one time when I commented on how I could manage something on my own, “Of course you can, we’re Eileen’s daughters!”  I’m lucky to be Eileen’s daughter.

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