A Big Ball of Yarn – You’ll Like It!

My antique dealer sister from Ohio came to visit my studio this week; she always brings interesting estate-sale finds.  This time it was a candelabra made from an old rag shuttle, smoothed by years of use. We switched it around to have the text on the front side, “Hand-made shuttle used on hand-operated rug loom made from wood grown on farm at Toots Corners in the 1890’s.”  Toots Corners!

rag-shuttleimg_0143She told me on the phone before she came that she also had a big, heavy ball of yarn and she knew I could do something with it.  It was odd, she said, like the yarn was “already weaved.”  Well, yes it was! And she’s right about my using it.  The rags are turned and ironed so nicely; it would be fun to weave it up and see what colors appear, see what fate has in store.

img_0145Thanks Terry!  I still feel bad, however, that I have not woven scarves from the eleven skeins of mohair that she found for me a couple of years ago.

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